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Samstag, 1. März 2014

Back in Spain

Finally Reliant is back in Almerimar - South Spain. After the nightmare in the yard in Marina Smir, Morocco. Relinat was enclosed between 3 Mega Yates in the Dry Dock and the Marine Boss told us that we have to pay for all the movements off this 3 Yates, necessary reach Reliant with the Travellift. At least 8 hores of working time. We realy fuckt up!!
Fortunately the Captain from Marina Smir is Spanish so we can talk with him in an other language than Arabic or French and after a tens conversation he gave the order to bring Reliant back in the Water with out the horrible addicional cost for the other movements.
And so we start on time for crossing again the Alboran sea. Wind with up to 35n from W and the typical currant in the strait of Gibraltar push Reliant with almost 9,5n direction Almerimar.
Marc and me just take 22 hours for the 140 miles. A verry good turn. We love saling!!


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